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Welcome Home

Distinctive Audio Visual Environments (DistinctAV) engineers, installs, and supports highly integrated and thoughtfully engineered home electronics systems making homes convenient and efficient to operate. Our prices are very competitive and we provide services anywhere in the U.S.

Our solutions include: Home Theaters, Lighting Controls, House Audio, Distributed High-Definition Video, Custom Remotes & Controls, Security, Home Automation, Media Servers, Data & Phone Networks, Structured Wiring, Interiors including Custom Fiber Star Ceilings & Acoustical Treatments, CCTV/Surveillance Cameras, Automated Blinds, Temperature Control, and Energy Management.

Our design philosophy creates beautifully styled and reliable subsystems, then adds an automation layer that can be easily “tweaked” by homeowners should they desire to have even smarter control.  This produces stable, reliable, and feature-rich solutions which are easily maintained and expanded as new technology becomes available.  Testament to our work is the number of repeat clients and system expansion projects we do each year.


DistinctAV engineers our systems for expandability and enhancement over time. This way, you can implement in phases without compromise, and within any budget!

New! Watch a demonstration of our custom remote programming. See how easy it is to control an entire house of electronics from one simple remote.

Building or renovating your home is a big investment. It’s easy to forget what you do most often in a home and just get what appears to be the essential AV wiring. Also, be wary of slick sales techniques and manufacturers who promise custom solutions for commodity prices. If you compromise and buy a system because of budget limitations, you’ll need to live with those limitations for the life of your home and may never achieve the features you really desire. This kind of disappointment is ok when buying a $50 gadget, but impulse-buying a $50,000 home electronics package is another story.

Whenever possible, visit an existing client and experience the systems in a real home. For this reason, DisitnctAV is creating a series of videos that cut through the hype and present real-life examples of what works. Also, use the DistinctAV website to learn about the possibilities before you begin your project. Using our design services can help map out a long-term electronics strategy that will have you smiling year after year.

Use our Build-A-Budget estimating tool to budget your project. If you need help, schedule an interview, and we’ll design a complete package that precisely solves your particular combination of needs.

Consider this when buying a budget system: If you use a system HALF as often because it is cumbersome, complex, or inadequate, then your true cost is TWICE what you paid for it!
When you get more than what you bargained for in a system, you probably bought from DistinctAV!


Your home is where you play, eat, sleep, work, and entertain.  It is an investment you use everyday.  Get the most from your home by choosing DistinctAV for all your integrated home electronics needs.



DistinctAV is seeking talented indivduals interested in installing, selling, and supporting DistinctAV advanced home automation systems anywhere in the U.S. If you’re experienced in the custom installation industry and would like to partner with DistinctAV B2B services or start your own DistinctAV office, please contact us and ask about dealer opportunities.

Custom and semi-custom home builders can enjoy partner-level discounts and custom-branded services with DistinctAV. Contact us and ask about builder partner opportunities. Visit our DIMY page for more info.

Want to know what all the buzz is about? Here’s a demonstration of one of our custom remotes in an integrated smart home.