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Add whole house audio–without wires!

How many times have you heard me say it? “Wire your house or you’ll be sorry!”

Well, for all of you who are new to DistinctAV and have a house that is not wired for any of our cool features, today is your lucky day.

DistinctAV now sells SONOS. SONOS was developed by a bunch of really clever people and they figured out how to stream music wirelessly, reliably. The SONOS system also provides intuitive, rich media interfaces in the form of wireless hand-held controllers, iTouch and iPhone apps, and PC and Mac web-based applications.

So if the product was so cool, why didn’t we pick it up until now? It lacked the interfaces to integrate it into other home systems that make it a truly distinctive solution. Before these interfaces, it was simpy a great product that played great music, using really great amplifiers.

But we look at the big picture. If you can’t control your house using one simple remote, then it’s back to the Stone Ages of home operation. If your music system can’t mute when your doorbell rings, then your guests waiting at the door are going to be offended while you’re out playing by the pool.

There’s so many great uses for a whole-house audio system that go way beyond just playing music. Why not get all those features for the same price?

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