7 Tips Series on educating buyers about new technology

Derek will be presenting “7 Tips Series on educating buyers about new technology” on April 16th at 8 a.m. at the BAGI Housing Center. If you’re a builder looking to differentiate your homes this is an excellent opportunity to learn.

Smart Home Electronics
Presenter: Derek Cowburn, President – Distinctive Audio Visual Environments

April 16 at 8 a.m. at the Housing Center

As the number of new home buyers shrinks, competition for their projects rises and builders need to emphasize why their final product and building process is special. This applies to production home builders, remodel experts, and custom home builders alike.

Understanding a little about the available technologies will help you sell yourself to the potential home buyers. Quickly gaining an understanding of their needs allows you to speak about those points directly and close the sale, and buyers today are looking at many options before they choose their building partner.

Of course, a Needs Assessment starts with education—if someone doesn’t know they can do something, how do they know they want it? If they find out about new solutions mid-way through your project, a costly change is likely.

Coordinating the design of advanced systems is paramount. Smart Homes are smart because of the synergy of many systems and the home design. The security system sensors are used to make lighting decisions. One button Party Modes determine audio levels, lighting, TVs, security system chimes, fireplace controls, blinds, and temperature controls. Even the pool cover, garage doors, emergency water shutoff, and irrigation systems can be tied into the system.

All this results in a home that is easy to operate, informative, convenient, and efficient. But it takes careful planning, a little more coordination, and a slight paradigm shift on when each partner should be involved.

The first partners you and you client should find are the Interior Designer, Systems Integrator/Technology Partner, and the Architect. These key team members have insight and experience that needs to be combined in the early stage of the design to avoid costly changes or disappointing compromises later.

Find technology partners that spend the time with you and your clients to educate them about every option available, prioritize their needs to produce a realistic budget, then create a clear action plan to implement their plan from start to finish. This plan may go well past the construction phase so it’s good to be able to divide it into manageable chunks so you know when your involvement begins and ends.

Eventually, enough of the features will rub off on you and you can captivate prospective clients during your first meeting.

This 7-Tips education session on Selling New Technologies will provide you:
1) An overview of what integrated Smart Home systems can do.
2) An understanding of the value of adequate prewire engineering as the basis of all the home electronics.
3) Knowledge of which features are attractive to home buyers, which produce loyalty as they live in the home, and which are gimmicks to avoid.
4) Tips on how to sell these features.
5) An understanding of the challenges of getting all your trades working together so the final home systems can benefit from working together.
6) Tips on selling upgrades into renovation projects without killing the budget.
7) A quick summary of the Green Features of Smart Homes (too large a topic for a detailed discussion in this class)