Energy Audits

I’ve saved millions of dollars in energy and maintenance costs over the years for pharmaceutical facilities and Class-A office spaces. A residential energy audit can save your family hundreds of dollars every year.

What’s an Energy Audit?

We install power measuring devices in key areas of the house that use the most power, then provide you with a report detailing how much energy is spent operating each device and system.

Advanced audits include energy saving calculations, recommendations for the best “bang-per-buck” solutions, and operational modifications that can help save money on your energy bills right away.


Remediation is all about creating a plan and providing solutions to improve the efficiency of your home. The plan includes a recommended payback schedule based on sound financial principles such as opportunity costs, etc. Sometimes, it’s all about ROI. We also factor-in your “Green Factor”. This number overrides the pure ROI and just helps your consience.

Human-Factors Engineering

A little joke in our Energy Remediation Kit is that the biggest user of energy in the home is…the Occupants!

Without a Smart Home automation system to help operate your home at peak performance levels, your behaviors are the biggest factor affecting energy use. While it seems simple to say “I’ll just remember to turn off my lights and TVs”, in practice, this is often a little more difficult.

Our Smart Solutions make it fun to save energy. We even have a few games that help your family conserve. If you’re going to be using energy to play games, they might as well cause the least negative impact!

Pre-construction Audits

We can also perform a Pre-Construction Energy Audit. This will provide you with the initial calculations of energy costs associated with various design decisions. Adaptive Smart Home systems can significantly improve the efficiency of your home because they gently affect your behaviors by reminding you when you’re doing something that is extremely wasteful.

Fully automatic energy-saving techniques are easier to quantify and can easily pay for themselves within the first few months or years of operation.

Contact Us today to schedule a consultation or to find out more about this valuable and insightful opportunity. You’ll be surprised to see your energy dollars are going out more than just your windows.