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Q95 Ultimate Man Cave Exhibit at the 2011 Indianapolis Home Show

Thanks for visiting the Q95 Ultimate Man Cave created by DistinctAV for the 2011 Indianapolis Home Show.

Call us if you want to create your own Ultimate Man Cave (or just a really convenient smart home).

Any project is only as good as its team members.  These contributors did an amazing job to make the Q95 Ultimate Mancave at the Indianapolis Home Show a huge success:

American Restoration, LLC – Hail, Wind, Fire, and Flood. Before you call your insurance company, call American Restoration! Insurance claims are complicated and can be a huge hassle for homeowners. We’ll take care of all the details and provide top quality repairs. No matter how large or complicated, we can handle anything with our professional and attentive team. Water spots on your ceiling? Get a free inspection to find out why. Overflowing toilet? Let us handle the cleanup! Fireplace went up in flames? We’ll handle your rebuild. When American Restoration has your back, you can spend more time enjoying your Ultimate Man Cave!!

Furniture Fix – Furniture and woodwork restoration.  Repair, refinishing, and restoration of all wood furniture and specialty pieces.

Dream Authentics – Only the coolest home arcade and entertainment systems around.  See DistinctAV for more Dream Authentics solutions.  Dream also makes Pinhedz wall decals.

ICC Floors – Wide selection, excellent pricing, great service.

Value City Furniture – DO NOT move that old loveseat down to the mancave. Men need space between them (something to do with hairy arms I think). Check out the seating solutions from Value City Furniture where cupholders abound!

Selective Systems – When it comes to satellite, you got a Guy? Even I got a Guy. My Guy is any of the installers at Selective Systems. DirecTV is the place to go for sports content and the installers at Selective Systems will ensure your satellite system is installed right. Check out the amazing 2-way remotes from DistinctAV that use the power and flexibility of the DirecTV receivers.

Wooden Concepts – Mancaves can be tough on furniture. Wooden Concepts makes custom tables and furniture that can take the heat of nacho dip and the cold of your favorite beer while still looking great.

Glassworks by Design – Specilizing in glass and window replacements, screen repair. Specialty glass items including etched glass.

Q95 – Where would we be without our daily dose of classic rock and the familiar humor of Bob & Tom Show in the morning? We’d be at NPR! If you have to sit on your tookas all morning, do the healthy thing for your abdominals and laugh your way to work with the Q95 crew.