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Realtor’s Special Design Package

Many realtors recommend a homeowner should finish a basement if other homes in the area also have finished basements.  We find three problems with this:

1) In the current market, people are looking for and expecting to find bargains.
2) The basement may not include exactly what the new owners would want, and with so many properties to choose from, chances are slim they’ll pay full value for your upgrade.
3) Finishing a basement means we can’t add all the wiring to the first floor that is necessary to support all the cool and convenient electronics features people want.  This is the single largest complaint we hear about existing, and often times, brand new homes.

DistinctAV is offering special pricing on a complete basement and electronics upgrade design package.  This includes:
1) Thorough on-site survey and photos
2) Complete draft measurements and 3D model
3) Budget pricing of recommended upgrades to get the home completely up-to-date and ready for the future (HD Video, House Audio, Security, Lighting, Networks, Intercom, Cameras, Controls, and Automation)
4) A list of recommended upgrade opportunities and “Green” options based on our professional lifestyle experience and work with other trades.
5) Professional “Kitchen Table Sales Book” that outlines the possibilities of the home.  For builders or realtors, we can even custom print your contact info and logo on the cover.  Includes 25 color handouts of the 3D basement models.  All this for the special price of $350. 

I used to call this “Home Staging For the Male Buyer” but over the years I’ve found that women enjoy the convenience and ease of use more than the guys drool over all the features they can play with.

Contact DistinctAV today to schedule an appointment and review your listings.