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ReQuest Inteligent Media Client released

The new IMC by ReQuest was released for the ReQuest IQ system. 

Add an IMC Intelligent Media Client to your ReQuest system and suddenly the entire breadth of the 21st century’s entertainment universe comes to life on the largest TV your home theater can handle.

The ReQuest experience is all about choices – music for any listener in any room, weather and stocks on every screen in the house, photos and slideshows, and now movies and online video on every TV.

The IMC is an intelligent gateway to archives of your entire DVD collection as well as YouTube streaming content, homemade digital video and more.

Only ReQuest delivers video content AND award-winning distributed music capabilities. Up to 4 IMCs can be connected through your home network to your ReQuest system, delivering video to your television in 1080p via HDMI and Component outputs.

Movies, YouTube, Photos and more on every TV

Auto lookup of plot, cast, director, rating and genre

Upscaling of standard DVD content to 1080p

Parental Control

Intuitive IR control of both the IMC interface and DVD menus

Read the article in Home Entertainment Magazine in the ReQuest IQ system.