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Things that go Thump in the night

I’m not a big fan of horror movies but I do succumb to the crowd and put on a scary DVD for Halloween.  While nothing beats a good story to draw you into a movie, a good subwoofer can scare you out of your socks!

Velodyne released several new series of subs this year that take their already excellent reputation up another notch.  They’re also noticeably smaller, which is a great WAF (Wife Acceptance Feature).  There are also several in-wall products that are excellent when remodeling or during new construction.

Adding even a small sub to your existing house audio systems will significantly improve the sound quality.  It turns your 2-way speakers into full 3-way speakers and allows the in-ceiling or in-wall speakers to focus on the mid-to-high frequencies while the sub takes care of the lows.  Because it takes a lot of energy to push low frequencies around, a powered sub is best but several passive in-wall and in-ceiling subs are available.

Call today and ask about the new line of subs from Velodyne, SpeakerCraft, and Revel.