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Wired to Sell

Speculative home builders take a chance with every new home project.  They seek the best location possible and find an architect that will design a home with attractive curbside appeal and a functional layout.

But once the prospective home buyer walks through the home, they need to imagine what they can DO in the house.

This home builder contacted DistinctAV to design and install the wiring to support any future electronics needs.

The results: House Sold!

And the buyer spcifically noted the complete and flexible wiring as part of their reason for buying this home instead of others they were considering.

“The lot location was not the best of all the homes on our short list.  The fact that the wiring will support all the advanced stuff I want, when I want, was a major consideration.   And we don’t have to tear up the walls and re-paint to do it.” – Dan (Homeowner)

“Having a complete set of drawings was also important.  Most builders couldn’t supply even a numbered wire list or only had handwritten notes from their A-V guy.  The level of professionalism and detail was excellent.”

You can see the drawings for this project here.