Partner Resources

Installer Partners

DistinctAV is also structured as a “Wholesale Systems Integrator”. We provide the back-end engineering, design, programming, pre-build, and support for custom installers who perform the local sales, installation, and on-site support of our pre-built and tested systems.

Compensation ranges from a simple commission structures to complete reselling of our solutions with franchise-level cooperation. The local installer network provides the on-site support value and client knowledge necessary to provide DistinctAV-level quality solutions.

It’s a great way for smaller installation companies, sole-proprietors, and custom home builders to get the benefits and features of larger integrators without the high pricetag or overhead costs.

We handle everything from the purchasing and delivery of product in phases to RMAs and full remote monitoring & support. Sales tools streamline the sales and scoping process and showroom packages are available of needed.

The benefit to the installer/partner is they have low overhead, fewer fixed operating costs to suck profits when work is slow, an experienced and flexible engineering team, faster installations for happier clients, sales tools and marketing materials, an online service management system, access to product lines, and better cash management. It also allows smaller guys to bid against larger dealers and have a better product/solution offering.

The biggest fear homeowners have with choosing smaller installation firms or individual installers is “What happens if you go out of business? Can we still get support?”

DistinctAV helps new installer businesses grow steadily and securely, helps existing companies operate more efficiently, and helps all our installer-partners provide the latest and most feature-rich solutions.

We provide services nationwide so our installation partners are often provided with project leads when a homeowner or builder learns about DistinctAV or is referred to us. If you are a homeowner or builder, please contact us to see how close the nearest partner is to your projects.

Interior Decorators & Designers

Our company slogan is “Custom Electronic Systems Intergrators…with style“, and we mean it. We don’t have a utilitarian approch to design. A great looking installation must be designed to look great.

Designers earn rewards for working with DistinctAV early in a project and the client is the ultimate winner! Reduce costly changes and get the technical advice you need to produce beautiful AND functional AND convenient AND high-performance spaces.


DistinctAV can help recommend and specify systems for bidding or help with the detailed custom design.

We have a large library of templates and detail drawings to speed your engineering process. Architects also benefit from our rewards programs.