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Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. It should entertain you, keep you informed and give you more free time for the things that really matter. But how do you tie together the dozens of components scattered throughout your house and make them work for you?

Fortunately, a control system from Distinctive Audio Visual Environments can do this for you. With seamless integration of your whole-house audio and video, home theater, lighting, security, and climate, Distinct AV makes your advanced home technology fun and simple to use.

combine all your remotes into one

Eliminate all those remotes! DistinctAV combines all your remotes into one custom programmed remote making using it a joy. Great Gift Idea!

  • Watch a show in multiple locations at the touch of a button

    • Party modes are commonplace in upscale audio systems.  DistinctAV can do the same for your video displays.  Press a multi-room mode and choose a source from any touchscreen.  Now you can move about the house and keep up to speed with a game or not miss a moment of a movie being played in the theater.

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  • Consistent clocks

    • With fewer people wearing wrist waches, having the time and date dispayed on every page of in-wall controllers and hand-held remotes is very convenient. No need to set these clocks.  The time is always kept up to the second accurate via the internet.

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  • Manage your kids TV viewing schedule

    • Keeping your children from turning on the TV can be challenge. The automation controller can easily restrict viewing times by applying a simple rule in the controller. It will not allow the TV to display a picture unless an unlock code has been entered or the blackout schedule has expired. Great for punishment too “no […]

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  • Summertime means rolling blackouts – protect your equipment now

    • With the summer heat load you can expect more power interruptions.  These brownouts, sags, dips, and spikes cause tremendous damage to your electronics equipment. We calculated that it is a better investment to buy a good Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) with surge protection than it is to buy an Extended Warrantee.  Considering the cost and […]

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