Design Services

Begin with the end in mind.

Complete design services including 3D modeling so you can see exactly what you’re getting.

We communicate clearly with the other trades on the project to ensure the final results are exactly what you envisioned.

This sample model was created for a client desiring a simple home theater room.  The details for the cabinetry, lighting, furniture, even posters were discussed and communicated to the other trades.

Cost: $200.  Our design services always pay for themselves by avoiding costly mistakes and expensive project changes.

  • AV design affects your home design – plan ahead!

    • Built-in home electronics create a stunning, clean look that is sure to impress even the architect! Achieving this takes careful planning and the cooperation from several trades. DistinctAV has the design experience and creativity to make the final product exceed your wildest dreams. It’s no accident we have “Custom home electronics systems integrators..with style” in […]

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  • Cupholders and Good Home Electronics Design

    • The Engineers at Dodge got it right (amazing electronics amenities). We recently took a family vacation to Florida and decided to drive the 17 hr trip instead of flying 2 adults and three boys under 10 yrs old.  Our family vehicle wasn’t ideal for the trip so we rented a new Dodge Caravan. The amenities are […]

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  • Creative use of space (Lifts & Mounts)

    • A home is not 2-dimensional. It has volume. Thinking 3-dimensionally opens up a whole new set of options for creative use of space. DistinctAV can help povide the creative and effective solutions that increase the usefullness and convenience of your home. Check out

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  • Summertime means rolling blackouts – protect your equipment now

    • With the summer heat load you can expect more power interruptions.  These brownouts, sags, dips, and spikes cause tremendous damage to your electronics equipment. We calculated that it is a better investment to buy a good Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS) with surge protection than it is to buy an Extended Warrantee.  Considering the cost and […]

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  • Custom electronics design services and engineering

    • Complete design and engineering services for installer/integrator partners and DIMYs. Fees: Complete prewire design including: security, HDTV, house audio, networking, cable/Sat, control. SqFt PRICE 0-5000 $400 5001-7000 $600 7001-10000 $800 10001-15000 $1200 15001-20000 $1800 Cameras: Add 10% HVAC: Add 10% BEST Package: Add 10% Includes: 1 hour phone/web consultation meeting. 1 set of E-Sized color […]

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