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Energy Management

To us, Energy Management and Sustainable solutions mean one thing: demonstrated lower operating and maintenance costs.

Did you know that many advertised "Energy Saving" solutions actually use more energy? For example, setting back your thermostat when you leave the house on a cold day is a good idea, except when you have a high efficiency heat pump and the emergency heat coils need to kick in when you return and set your thermostat back to normal. If you have a well-insulated home your system is more efficient without the setback.

Setback is ok if your thermostat is smart enough to stop entering emergency heat mode, or you can ramp the setpoint up slowly.

Energy Management is accomplished when the big picture of how you are using your home is considered. The automation controller take into account many factors including weather, time, activity, history, and forecasts to make the optimal decision to turn something on or off.

Buying an energy monitor that simply tells you what you are consuming is silly. The power bill from your energy provider will tell you that, and it’s completely free. Plus, who has time to monitor their house all day?

Using circuit-level monitoring, the automation controller can detect changes in consumption that are out of the ordinary. If your sump pump runs more than normal, if your refrigerator or HVAC draws more energy than normal, if your sump pump doesn’t run after a rain storm, if your oven is on and the security system is armed to Away mode. All these are indicators of a potential problem.

Branch circuit control allows ultra-low power sleep mode and remore resetting of almost everything powered in your home.

Gain true control over your home with the Energy Management Experts at DistinctAV.