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Intercom Systems

An automated home intercom systems provides both audio and visual communication among multiple areas of the house, both indoors and outdoors. With an intercom system, you may communicate with members of your family in multiple rooms of your home, or you can use it to communicate with the person at the front door.

The intercom system would replace your current doorbell, and add more useful features than a simple doorbell could ever provide. Imagine being able to both see and hear who is at the door, from your bedroom touchscreen. With such a system, you may monitor and open the front door from any room of the house.
The intercom system may be integrated with your security system, thereby being able to monitor areas of your house or isolate selected audio areas for alerting family members of outdoor intruders.

Discreet Security
Discreet and simple wall plates sit flush with your wall, and blend with your décor, while providing you the convenience of communication within the house and front door.

See & Hear
A DistinctAV intercom system includes a front door camera that feeds images to wall-mounted LCD displays on intercoms in the house for enhanced safety and security.

Designed with the Future in Mind
An intercom system by DistinctAV is designed with future-upgradeable firmware that allows for easy integration with new technologies as they become available.