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Lighting Controls

BIG NEWS: LumenCache LED Lighting now available.
Contact DistinctAV to have the most innovative LED lighting system available today designed and installed in your next project.

Imagine arriving at your home at night, and all the appropriate lights are on to guide you safely into your house. Or you have your hands full with groceries and the lights in the hallway and kitchen turn on as they sense your presence? And wouldn’t it be nice if the lights in empty rooms of your home shut off by themselves?

A DistinctAV lighting control system operates the lights of every zone in your house through simple multi-function touchpads that reduce the wall clutter of manual light switches. These lighting control touchpads are customized to your lifestyle and provide multiple “scene” selections to suit your current mood or activity. An automated lighting control system allows you to control any light from any touchscreen, thus eliminating the wall clutter of multiple manual light switches. We also design lights that complement your home décor and accentuate certain architectural aspects of your home.

The lighting controls are integrated with your house AV and with the One Touch option, will turn on/off/dim lights in coordination with music or TV-watching. Imagine a lighting control system that communicates with your security system. Certain lights will power on/off or dim according to security incidents and customized settings, such as lights turning on when they detect motion, or lights coming on in the home theater in place of a door bell chime to alert you of visitors. A lighting control system from DistinctAV allows you will suit your lifestyle, entertainment, and security needs.

Intuitive & simple operation

Save Energy
Certain or all lights in unoccupied rooms will automatically dim or turn off, depending on your preference.

Reduce Wall Acne
A lighting control system from Distinct AV can also rid you of the banks of switches and dimmers everywhere in your home.

Accentuate Your Interior Space
Lighting design and control is considered one of the most important design factors in accentuating exhibits and artwork in your home. We can design the lighting in your home to create whole house scenes that beautify your home, highlighting architectural aspects and artwork.

Intelligent System
With an automated lighting control system, you can check on status of all the lights in your home, even from your bedside. Status indication on a touchscreen in any room shows if the lights are on or off in another part of the house, such as the garage, without having to walk over there.

  • Lights turn on as you walk into a room

    • No need for fumbling for the light switch as you walk in your house with grocery bags in your hands. Lights will automatically turn on in your entryway and light your way into the kitchen.

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  • Set the Mood, Create “scenes”

    • We will create different “scenes” designed around your lifestyle. You control customized scene options, and with just one touch on a keypad, lights will either trun on, dim, or turn off depending on your preferred ambiance.

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  • Night Mode

    • You could press a button for a Night mode that turns on specific lights in the house to a dim level, warmly lighting the pathways of your home safely throughout the night.

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  • Driveway Alert, Phone Alert

    • A sensor will detect a car coming into or going out of the driveway and chime or say “Car approaching” and optionally turn on the lights. When the security is armed, turn on the lights outside only. If the house is operating in “Party Mode”, disable the drive alert until the Party Mode expires. This […]

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  • Watch Movies Under the Stars… Indoors

    • Bring the night sky indoors with customized star ceiling panels. These fiber optic lights create a perfect setting in your home theater or living areas.

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