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Media Servers

Media servers integrate with your home networks to consolidate and safely store all your digital movies, music, and photos in one device, giving you the ability to access all of your media from any display or audio source anywhere in your home.  Also, you can conveniently pull up and browse the menu of your media library on any display in your house.

These media servers convert your movies, music, videos, recorded TV, and photos into digital format, and a large secure storage capacity eliminates the hassle of physical damage-prone physical CD/photo storage while protecting your collection. Even digital CDs and photos you have accumulated over the years take up a lot of space without a media server.

Eliminate Clutter
You no longer need multiple antiquated physical media devices and CD/DVD racks in your entertainment areas. With media server systems from DistinctAV, the few devices you will need will be stored away in an equipment rack in your basement or a closet, and you will no longer have the hassle of dealing with physical CDs and DVDs.

Easy Access to All Media
All your music will be accessible with just a touch of a button on your handheld remote, or on a touchscreen in any room.

Safe Storage
Safely digitize and store all your media in a server which has unlimited capacity and will protect your photos, movies, and music from physical damage and time.

Manage Media from Anywhere
Access, manage, and instantly enjoy all your media from anywhere on your home network, the office, or vacation home.

Multiple Home automatic synchronization
Download new music at your primary residence and have it appear at your vacation home automatically.  No need to re-create all your playlists or copy files manually.


  • Browse your DVD or music collection from a laptop, PDA, or iPhone. Select and play any movie.

    • Access your music and movie collection remotely anywhere there is an internet connection, such as from the office or your vacation house.

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  • Store all your DVDs in a carousel player and choose any from an on-screen menu.

    • Watch any DVD from your collection by browsing the on-screen guide of your collection.  Manager automatically gathers information about the disc including cover art, genre, ratings, etc from the internet when you load a new DVD.

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  • Download or Rent HD Movies

    • Certain media servers such as ReQuest IMC and Apple TV allow you to rent movies anywhere you have internet access, and pull them up on an display in your home.

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  • Slide shows from your digital photo collection

    • Watch a slideshow from your vacation with your family in the home theater or on your PC. Store multiple photo albums on your server and view them anywhere at any time. Passcodes allow private collections to remain private unless you enter your code.

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  • Vudu HD Movie Service

    • Movie Fans… Welcome to Digital Heaven The best movie service awaits you. See how VUDU can instantly brighten up your evenings with action, comedy and romance. Fantastic Selection — Over 6,000 top movies and TV shows from all major Hollywood studios and 50 independent distributors. New releases added weekly. Intuitively Explore & Discover — Search […]

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  • ReQuest Classical music mode

    • For classical music enthusiasts, ReQuest’s Classical Music Mode Service makes it easy to manage, find, play, and enjoy classical collections. Composer, Conductor, Orchestra, or Performance. Quickly find a specific piece by Ludwig van Beethoven, a favorite performance by Herbert von Karajan, something by the Cleveland Orchestra that didn’t involve George Szell , or a piano […]

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  • Finetune streaming music service

    • Finetune is a premium streaming radio service with hundreds of commercial-free stations and an extensive music library with millions of songs. Add Finetune to the iQ whole house audio solution and have instant access to millions of songs from any touch screen or room. Finetune lets you create your own playlists and discover new music […]

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