Multi-Room High-Definition

Imagine having access to whichever video source you’d like wherever you are in the house, and even in the garden. An automated AV system allows lets you do this. Integrating a multi-zone HD system into your automated home brings you great flexibility, easy accessibility, and convenience.

With this video distribution system, multiple displays in your home all may play the same source. This enables you to go about your daily activities throughout the house, without missing a beat. Begin watching a program in the living room, pause it while getting reading for bed, and resume watching it from the screen above your bed.

A multi-zone HD system allows you to pause the movie you’re watching in order to Google that actor on on the same screen, without getting up.

Easily switch between watching TV, watching DVD, going online
Without getting off the couch, use your customized remote to switch between cable and a DVD, and even pause the movie to go online to find out who that actor by pulling up right on your screen!

High-Definition Matrix Switch: Let the remote do all the thinking
The remotes provide all the smarts for switching and controlling the sources so you can pick up a remote and choose “Watch DVD” or “Watch Cable”, etc. This system allows you to watch all of your sources (DVD, Cable DVRs, Music Managers, AppleTV, etc) from any connected TV.  Full HD is supported.

  • Local-only sources

    • Want to watch something a little above the kids?  A local-only source feature is available so that the movie will play only in one chosen room or display in your home.

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  • Source lock-out

    • Works like a Local-Only source, but without the limitations.  Use the remotes to enter a passcode that unlocks additional sources or content.  Think “parental lock on steroids.”  Easily manage capabilities.  Can even lock-out TV during homework times. web analysis . is web offline . secure web browser

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  • Picture-in-picture from any of your sources

    • Sure, lots of TVs can do PIP with their own tuners, but DistinctAV PIP takes it to a whole new level.  Combine images from any of your global sources.  Swap images or just audio with the touch of a button.  Doorbell or automation alerts in a small window.  PIP event lockout during important sporting events.

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  • HDMI distribution

    • It is true that HDMI deep color can provide the absolute best possible image available today—but beware of compatibility issues that can rob you of an image altogether.

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  • True Lip-Sync of HD Video Sources with House Audio

    • A little-discussed problem in the industry but a big annoyance if not abated.  When your audio system plays the soundtrack from a video source, such as a Satellite receiver, the decompression and video processing in a local TV can cause significant lip-sync (more specifically, Out-of-Sync) issues.  DistinctAV has a solution for this that will leave […]

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  • Pause a show in one room, continue watching on another

    • Watch your favorite show while cooking in the kitchen, then continue watching it in the living room when the food is ready without missing a beat.

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  • Watch a show in multiple locations at the touch of a button

    • Party modes are commonplace in upscale audio systems.  DistinctAV can do the same for your video displays.  Press a multi-room mode and choose a source from any touchscreen.  Now you can move about the house and keep up to speed with a game or not miss a moment of a movie being played in the theater.

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  • Manage your kids TV viewing schedule

    • Keeping your children from turning on the TV can be challenge. The automation controller can easily restrict viewing times by applying a simple rule in the controller. It will not allow the TV to display a picture unless an unlock code has been entered or the blackout schedule has expired. Great for punishment too “no […]

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