Multi-Room Sound

Imagine the pleasures of high quality music throughout your home. Each room in your home contains one or more pairs of speakers discreetly mounted flush in the walls or ceiling, and a volume control to independently control the sound level in that room. With a whole house music system from Distinct AV , you create a warm, ambient environment with your music system; perfect for entertaining or keeping the music with you as you go about your household chores and activities.

A whole house music system can be an enjoyable addition to your home. However, making the system easy to use will make you enjoy it even more. With a control system from Distinct AV , you can start the music with a press of the CD button on a keypad or touch panel located in the Master Suite or Kitchen without having to check on the status of the audio components in the Basement.

  • Complete digital IP path for optimal sound

    • The Netstreams Digilinx product uses IP packets over a high-speed data network to sent crystal clear audio to each room in perfect synchronization.  No room-to-room delays to throw-off your listening exprience. Each room amplifier contains a web service so you can literally browse directly to the amp and control all the music settings and control the […]

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  • Wake family members according to their own schedules

    • The DigiLinx system is highly configurable–a feature that we take extreme advantage of when integrating this powerful audio system into the home RNS. With Digilinx and the RNS controller, you can ask the system to play your favorite playlists in the morning to wake you. Trigger your “I’m Home music” playlist in the garage based on […]

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  • Why wireless headphones when we have the house audio?

    • Respect. Sometimes you just feel like cranking your music but respect others in the house may not be sharing your need for audio power. DistinctAV can install wireless headphone stations around larger homes that are connected to the house audio systems. This way you can turn down the room speakers and turn up one or […]

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