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Remotes and Controls

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to have a knowledgeable programmer and system designer on your project.

DistinctAV is best known for providing incredibly intuitive, powerful, and enjoyable remotes and controls. These controls make all the complex hardware components work together–seamlessly and effortlessly.

With over 20 years experience designing and implementing control systems and Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs), our owner is extremely passionate about every project. His approach is simple: if you have to explain a remote or if it is cumbersome to operate–it’s not done.

System Overhauls and Repairs:
A large portion of our work is overhauling existing installations from other installers. Poor design, lack of understanding of the products, and a failure to put clients needs first are the causes of these overhauls. The demo video above is the final result of a system overhaul. See the project profile to hear the client’s own words about before and after.

If you are building a new home and are reading this, then PLEASE request a consultation and demonstration. It is better to change your plans early in the project that to pay for it twice. A bargain $50,000 electronics system you don’t like or use is a waste of $50,000!

Custom Installation Partner Program:
DistinctAV offers our advanced engineering, programming, and project management services to installation partners. If you are looking to provide the very best solutions to your clients and build a strong reputation, contact us to see if you qualify for our Custom Installation Partner Program.

Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. It should entertain you, keep you informed and give you more free time for the things that really matter. But how do you tie together the dozens of components scattered throughout your house and make them work for you?

Fortunately, a control system from Distinctive Audio Visual Environments can do this for you. With seamless integration of your whole-house audio and video, home theater, lighting, security, and climate, Distinct AV makes your advanced home technology fun and simple to use.