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A custom installation from Distinct AV can do more than just entertain you. It can help safeguard your home and family as well. We can design and install a state of the art security system that not only keeps your family safe, but also integrates with your lighting and HVAC systems, saving you time and money.

Because security is integrated with lighting control, it deters criminals by automatically coordinating the outside lights so that you never return to a darkened home. An Integrated security and lighting system can go beyond turning on and off your lights according to schedules. The security system actually communicates with your lighting system when you are home or away to ensure that your home has a lived in look when you are on vacation, or just away for the evening. Temperature sensors can be used to adjust your thermostats so that you are not heating or cooling an empty home. In addition, you can phone into the system from a remote location to check the status of your security alarm, adjust lights or thermostats, or even check if you have had any visitors.

We can integrate your security system with a control from Distinct AV, making it even more convenient to use. From touch panels throughout the house, you can see if your system is armed or disarmed and change its status with just a touch of a button.

Download our Security System Feature Guide.

Our Biometric door lock solutions eliminate the need to carry keys by reading your unique fingerprint. They are a reliable and convenient way to add security and convenience to your home or office.

Up to 500 fingerprints can be programmed into most of our solutions.

Mechanical key entry and keypad code entry also possible.

  • Pool cover security and automation

    • Most automatic pool covers have a key lock–and most keys never leave the lock! Use a simple keypad, tied into the security system, to lock and unlock the pool cover.  No keys to loose or maintain.  You can authorize user codes to allow the pool to open only during specific times or dates. Installed price is […]

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