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Structured Wiring

It’s not what you have in your home, it’s what you do in it.  Listen to music, watch TV and movies, surf the internet, read your email, work, play, read a book, chat with friends, host dinner parties, football parties, etc…

So many of these activities rely on your home electronics systems.  And the best looking and operating home electronic systems are installed into the home.

The wiring behind the walls dictates what your home is capable of, how clean the results will be, and how easy and intuitive it is to operate.  They also determine how expandable, flexible, and upgradeable your systems are.

The professionals at DistinctAV design your new construction or remodel structured wiring so you’ll have years of trouble-free and upgradeable music, video, security, lighting, and intelligent automation systems.  We don’t just run “Cat5 everywhere”.  The logical, and sometimes creative, uses of the home are analyzed, and a plan is developed.

Knowing the wiring is there to support all your future needs is like opening a wall and finding money.  Don’t be limited by your wiring—it’s the only positive return on investment (ROI) in home electronics!

Call DistinctAV before you begin your next new construction or remodel project.  We can quickly provide the education and advice you need to make informed decisions on the foundation of your home electronic systems.

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