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Theaters and Surround Sound

A home theater system is more than a big TV and a loud stereo. The proper home theater recreates the sound and atmosphere of a movie theatre to bring the original artistic intentions of the director into your home. Building upon these fundamentals, we design a system that incorporates your taste, the decor of your home, and the acoustics of the room. The final product delivers the excitement and emotional power of an invigorating cinematic experience.

With a home theatre system from Distinct AV you’ll feel the clap of thunder, hear taxi horns on the streets behind you and sense the tension of a jet dogfight all without leaving your couch.

  • Create a Theater Atmosphere in Your Home

    • With one handheld remote you can dim the lights, bring down the projector screen, and start a movie from the comfort of your home theater sofa.

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  • High Quality Surround Sound

    • Acoustic panels suited to your home theater allow you to listen to your movie without acoustic inaccuracies or interference while isolating the sound to just the theater room without distracting people in other parts of the house. These panels blend well with and compliment the design of your theater.

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  • Watch Movies Under the Stars… Indoors

    • Bring the night sky indoors with customized star ceiling panels. These fiber optic lights create a perfect setting in your home theater or living areas.

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  • Any room, any size

    • Transform any room of any size into your home theater. We can install screens that fit lower ceilings that still give you a full size theater experience. back link check

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  • No desire for a separate theater room?

    • Then instantly transform the living room or family room into a home theater with a simple button command that lowers a screen from the ceiling above the fireplace, dims the lights, shuts the motorized blinds, and powers the appropriate sources that activates the surround sound and begins the movie.

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  • Themed Theater Rooms

    • Custom designed entertainment spaces add a personal touch that reflect your style and aesthetics. Bring the décor of the rest of your house into your theater or have a separate theme all together.

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  • Calibration and Tuning Services

    • There’s a reason high-end audio gear has so many settings.  Each is important to achieve optimal operation of the system and fit it into the room(s) that surround it. DistinctAV has the tools and experience necessary to configure and calibrate your system to achieve the absolute best possible image and sound. Calibration services vary depending […]

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  • Panamorphic lens creates full cinematic 2.35:1 screen ratio

    • Only 810 rows of pixels from today’s 1080p projectors are used to show a 2.35:1 movie when it is squeezed onto a 16:9 screen. The remaining pixels are turned off to produce the black bars, representing an amazing 518,400 pixels of lost resolution and brightness on every 2.35:1 movie watched! So the first step to […]

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